Campaign Service

$2,500 Campaign Service

You just want to start interviewing. However, it can take forever to identify suitable candidates to kick-off the interview phase. The Campaign Service is designed to get you suitable resumes faster so you can start screening them sooner and move to the interview phase quicker.  We virtually eliminate your effort to promote the opening, collect and filter resumes.

We generate awareness

  • Create job ad based on your job description, a job ad designed to attract the right candidates
  • Blast the opportunity to dozens of niche sites for up to 90 days, re-posting as necessary to keep the job ad fresh
  • A 30-day job ad on LinkedIn
  • A 90-day job ad on, and proliferation through the Silicon Halton community (for Halton based companies – read more here)
  • Regular tweets with weighted hashtags (we employ a specialized tool that measures & ranks the prevalent hashtags for your opening and/or industry – removing the guess work from hashtags. We razor focus on these most popular #hashtags to broaden the reach of your ad.)

We filter and submit vetted resumes to you

  • For 90-days we review all resumes and submit only vetted resumes, resumes that closely match your criteria, for your consideration
  • Tired of reading mystery-novel-like resumes? Resumes submitted by us include a Candidate Summary, and are marked up with our comments,  observations, including positive attributes and any redflags, saving you time, frustration and money

What you do

  • Contact the short-list of candidates, interview, hire.

Get started now by contacting or complete this form: 


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