About Search Velocity

SearchVelocity provides recruitment services to technology companies and recruitment firms, to identify and acquire high-value technology staff. We specialize in complex assignments. Our principal Rick Stomphorst brings 25+ years of broad experience with software companies and IT professional consulting firms, more than 1/2 of these years as a hiring manager of technical staff. He knows high-value talent.

Partnering with boutique, well regarded Search/Recruiting firms to accelerate their assignments.

Based west of Toronto, Canada, we work on assignments across Canada and USA. We love to provide staffing services in our community: Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Halton Hills, Georgetown, Halton Region.

Connect with us at rick@searchvelocity.ca

About Rick Stomphorst

MACC me giving keynote intro - avatarRick Stomphorst is a technology and community leader connecting talent to employers, people to people, and business to business.

He is the President of SearchVelocity, providing recruitment services to technology companies, start-ups, and recruitment firms, to identify and acquire high-value technology staff. He brings 25+ years of broad experience, in the trenches, with software companies, including five software start-ups and IT professional consulting firms in positions ranging from Team Lead Server/Network Support, Sr. Consultant of IT Standards for Bell, VP Operations and VP Technology for 60 person software companies.

He is a proud co-founder of Silicon Halton, a grass-roots community of over 1,100 technical professionals in Halton Region, Canada. Silicon Halton’s pillars are Technology, Community and Growth.

✉ Contact Rick at Rick@SearchVelocity.ca | LinkedIn

Connect with Rick if:

  • You need help finding that important technical resource or knowledge worker.
  • Every month he speaks with 25 tech CEO’s about what keeps them up at night. How can that knowledge help you?
  • Virtually anything with Start-ups.
  • You want to learn how Silicon Halton has achieved so much traction in so little time.
  • You need a public speaker / presenter on the practical aspects of leveraging online tools and communities for your business. I use ordinary language to connect with ordinary people.