Does Dropbox have a Secret Sauce for Hiring Top Talent?

Many may be under the impression that startup success stories have a secret sauce in identifying and recruiting top talent. Not so. They use the same common sense, tried and true techniques that quality recruiters use.

Dropbox founder CEO Drew Hustone and Sequoia Capital partner Bryan Schreier join TechCruch TV discussing how they work together on recruiting and retaining talent.

It’s a 10min interview. I’ve highlighted the good bits below (note doesn’t permit embedded media):

dropbox techcrunch drew huston

  • 2:50min Q: How do you make employee #251 feel like their employee #5?
  • 6:02min Q: For a key hire, how many times would you meet with a prospective employee?  A: “Several times”
  • 6:43min Q: How does a VC help Dropbox find employees? A: “I provide a service”
  • 7:50min Essentially the interviewer asks Sequoia’s Schreier, You worked for Google building their team in the early days. Do you use similar patterns to help hire top talent at Dropbox?