Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Disruptive Products to Mainstream Customers

A must read for anyone in the hi tech industry. Not just for sales and marketing folks, but for product managers and developers. This is an eye opener in how to best sell high tech products.  I only first read this a couple years ago.

Some key takeaways for me:

  • When the company is crossing the chasm, everyone in the company must be focused on crossing, not just the Sales & Marketing groups. You need company unity.
  • Have to show your new technology enables strategic leap forward for your customer.
  • Learned the term Whole Product, The minimum set of products and services needed to fulfill the compelling reason to buy for the target customer. Every high tech company needs to define their œwhole product
  • If the bug report and product enhancement list are not managed properly it will bring the entire development organization to it knees. The whole product manager needs to own the list. Everyday the enhancements list is in the hands of the original pioneers, the company risks making additional development commitments to un-strategic ends. I’ve seen this happen.”

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