Will Facebook’s job board turn LinkedIn into the next Myspace?

I don’t care what anyone says, Facebook is squarely seated in the B2C and friends & family corner. LinkedIn is in the opposing corner, B2B and business. Will they fight?

Facebook has the pocket book and therefore the potential to replace #LI in the long term.

#LI has a good standard product. It could be much better.

A plethora of companies have created apps and are making a living on the Facebook platform. Other than some nifty bolt-ons (Amazon, box.net, events), there are virtually no independent software vendor created LinkedIn apps. I would make it easier for other apps to access #LI data. Why doesn’t #LI allow me to use its users database as the directory for my applications? Why doesn’t LinkedIn Events allow me to a) broadcast a message to All Attendees or b) allow individual attendees message other attendees? #LI is a business communications tool, but as I noted in a previous blog, they’ve buried the functionality to message fellow group members. A step backwards.

In 2009, there were 29 Job apps on Facebook. A quick search today shows up to a few hundred such apps.

A Facebook job board could be the disruptive app that turns #LI into the next Myspace. I love LinkedIn. Time for them to step up their game.

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