Messaging fellow LinkedIn Group members

LinkedIn is a great tool.  One of the changes LinkedIn recently rollled out made messaging to group members harder.   Namely, the ability to send messages to a fellow LinkedIn Group members is no longer at-your-fingertips. This function is now an obscure “button” , whereas it used to be available directly from the LinkedIn users profile.

The “Send Message” button is now replaced with the “Send InMail” option (see red box below).   The “send message” option was there as recent as April 7, 2011.

Click to enlarge

Hiding the “Send Message” button made made maneuvering within its groups similar to running a marathon in sand.  LindedIn Groups is a great tool to build communities, as we’re doing with Silicon Halton, and being able to easily connect with fellow group members is a primary piece of efficient functionality. Efficient, and safe, because it allows one to communicate with fellow LinkedIn members without having to expose your trusted connections to that member.  I value the connections I’ve made.

The workaround

The send message function still exists but is functionally buried. I’ve found two methods to send messages to group members.

1. Open the Send Message screen via the URL:

Replace the XXX in the command line above with the view?id= value from the url when viewing the persons profile (shown in the URL in the image above). Doing so opens the Send Message window below.

2. Search for the user within the group, mouse-over the result, and the “Send Message” appears (red arrow below).

Both workarounds above require a bunch of extra clicks and cut&paste’s.  It was so much easier when the Send Message option was right there on the user profile (provided you shared a group with the user).  This “enhancement” certainly doesn’t enhance the LinkedIn group experience.

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