Identity Theft

Best Quote: Convenience is the enemy of security

The following contains my summary of the Identify Theft presentation at the the 2010 Technology & Homeland Security Forum in Niagara Falls, NY.  First blog here.

I didn’t hear anything I hadn’t known.  What was worth repeating was to not freely disclose any more personal data than is absolutely necessary.   As your personal identifying information is exposed in more and more databases, the likelihood that some bad guy could gain access to it increases.  Question why an outfit needs (e.g.) your SIN number, bank account number or even your home address.  For example, does  your mechanic need your address?  Does your dentist need your SIN number?  Should your SIN number be part of your extended health benefits card?  Is your full birth date exposed on Facebook? The employees of organizations that store rich sets personal identifying information, have access to data that’s worth a lot of money on the outside.  Just sayin’.

Speaking of freely sharing personal data, the President of, a company that provides identify theft protection and insurance, and whose TV commercial displays his Social insurance number, has had his identify stolen 13 times according to a story.

Best Recommendations I heard:  Use a dedicated browser for dedicated function. Eg. IE for banking, Google Chrome for email.

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