Silicon Halton

A co-initiative of mine, Silicon Halton, launched it’s website, in March 2010.  Building the web site was a cool project and gave me the opportunity to work the very talented folks at MI6 and JellyBeanSolutions.  

The web site was completely built on-the-side, part time, by a handful of dedicated members at Silicon Halton.   As far as I can tell, the total capital cost to build the site was $0.00.   All the people costs were generously donated by the Silicon Halton players themselves.  A heartfelt thank you.

While I helped wireframe the site and brainstorm what we needed to go live, the design is clearly best left to the talented people who do this every day, JellyBeanSolutions.  I was happy to provide feedback, test, and produced lots of content for go-live.  Did we get everything in we initially wanted? No. We made some quick decisions to scale partially back the original scope because we choose to add other content, and therefore prioritized what content was needed for go-live.  Project Management 101 stuff.

I knew we could launch the web site as fast as we did.  We have the talent in our neighbourhood. We didn’t belabour what it was we wanted to build.  Just get started. In today’s world, if you spend too much time up-front planning out the details, you’ll miss the window of opportunity.

We now have an important stake in the Internet landscape,

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