Inside the (Google) Box

Interesting cover story article on how how Google’s algorithm rules search and how Bing isn’t close, yet.

What I learned

That in 2001 Google had revamped its search algorithm to allow them to seemingly improve the “search quality” (i.e. get the results you want) by adding new signals.  Signals are a means for Google to periodically tweak the engine, in-flight, to produce even more accurate results.  Truly amazing.  It’s also given them a competitive advantage in that they can quickly add new signals as a competition response.

A good read, or if you’d rather, you can listen to my audio rendition here (note, not guaranteed to be 100% word-for-word accurate to the article, but very close).

Inside the (Google) box – Part 1 (6:43min)

Inside the (Google) box – Part 2 (4:18min)

Inside the (Google) box – Part 3 (5:26min)

Inside the (Google) box – Part 4 (4:19min)

Inside the (Google) box – Part 5 (2:09mi)

Inside the (Google) box – Part 6 sidebar (1:40min)

BTW, loved the graphic of the needle in a needle stack.

By Steven Levy, Wired Magazine, March 2010, Features 18.03

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