Here’s my audio for the Avatar column in Wired Magazine, issue 404, December 2009.

It’s amazing how far moving making has come in the 12 years it took Cameron to create Avatar.   His previous blockbuster was a little film called Titanic.  If you haven’t seen Avatar, go.  This is not a movie  you wait for the DVD/Blue-ray release.

What I like about this picture from the magazine, is it shows the actual actor walking up a stage prop, while simultaneously, Cameron can see real-time what the final shot will look like. Now that’s cool. How long will it be for the Wii has this feature in it’s future gaming console?

Here are the audio MP3’s:

Wired – Avatar – Part 1 (5:55min)

Wired – Avatar – Part 2 (4:17min)

Wired – Avatar – Part 3 (4:52min)

Wired – Avatar – Part 4 (3:30min)

Wired – Avatar – Part 5 (4:05min)

Wired – Avatar – Part 6 (2:01min)

Enjoy the listen.

Source: Wired Magazine – Second Coming By Joshua Davis, Wired Magazine, January 2010, 404


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